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Fire accidents are a nightmare for homeowners. Especially when there are children at home.Unfortunately, juvenile fire incidents constitute to 172million in property damages. According to research, most of these accidents occur in the month of July and between 2pm8pm.So it is important that parents remain careful about their children during summer.

Because these incidents are very sudden and frightening, it often takes a long time for people to come into the right state of mind. Furthermore, because every fire incident is different, it will also create varying damages. This kind of damage will also require special attention.

This is why it is imperative that you call a professional like Perris Fire Damage Restoration to bring back your house to the way it was.

The Cleaning Process

Fire Mitigation: It is the process of securing your house from possible fire damages in terms of property and life by implementing measures that reduce the impact of fire damage for example sprinklers, fire alarm, and insurance plan.

Fire Damage Cleaning Tips:

Personal protective equipment should be worn during fire damage clean up to reduce health impact and contamination:

Here are a few cleaning hacks that you can try at home

  • Wallpaper: do not clean wall with a waterbased cleaning solution.
  • Masonry: clean with sponge or vacuum, also clean the surface with alkaline detergent to clean soot and smoke.
  • Wood furniture: clean with a dry cloth and use spray polish for wood finish.
  • Glass material: use cotton cloth and spray cleaner.
  • Toys : clean with hand soaps or ultrasonic cleaner. Sanitize afterwards.
  • Books: you will most likely need to replace them. If they haven’t been damaged, clean and rebind it. If damp, use dry freezer to restore.
  • Clothes . Use mild alkaline cleaner in warm water. Add vinegar to remove smell.

Fire Damage Clean Up by Perris Restoration:

Perris restoration is a fire and water damage restoration company in Perris, located in Riverside County. We understand how fire can have a massive impact on your life, physically, mentally and financially. However, you should stop worrying because Perris Restoration is with you and will help you get out of it.

Our services include:

1. Emergency services 24/7
2. Customer support service
3. IICRC certified professionals
4. 100% insurance coverage.

Fire and Smoke Clean Up by Perris Restoration:

  • Inspection: Inspection is our first step which includes checking the source and extent of fire. Replaceable things are separated from repairable ones. The walls, ceilings are checked for soot and water penetration. Plumbing and electric circuits are checked around the house. After a thorough inspection, an action plan is devised and total expenses are calculated.
  • Implementing fire damage action plan: Fire damage action plan is how the professionals at Perris Restoration will approach the cleanup in our house. Fire damage Restoration usually begins with the removal of fire debris, followed by water cleanup and smoke and soot removal. Both professional techniques and equipment are used to make your house spotless.
  • Renovation: The pillars, andirons, beams and shafts are renovated for fire damage. Movable liabilities are sent to the workshop for proper cleaning and repair. The house is given finishing touches with sanitizing treatment so it is safe for you to return and start reliving.

Perris restoration ensures the great quality of work with pocket friendly packages. You can talk to our customer relation officer any time of day. You don’t have time to think, the fire has already done enough damage.

Our emergency number is (951) 4358333 so call us immediately for your fire damage restoration.


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